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We are working together to help make the Brown School the best it can be.

The Brown School PTA is made up of parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers, staff and community members. We facilitate ways for parents and teachers to support each other to make our children's education fruitful and fun. Community-building events and assemblies are perhaps the most visible results of our work. The PTA has also sponsored after school clubs and special field trips. Additionally, we pay for classroom subscriptions, field trip busses, musical instruments, and more. Of course, all of this costs money, so there is fundraising as well.

We try to keep the fun in fundraising and limit fundraising to a few projects and events each year.  Our longest-running and most dependable annual fundraiser is the Brown School Community Card. This $10 card gets you discounts at over twenty Davis Square area businesses for an entire year! It makes a great gift for neighbors, sitters, and friends.

Splitting up the work makes it more manageable. We work closely with the Performing Arts Committee, the STEAM Committee, the Brown School Community Card Committee, the Learning Garden Committee, and the Nominating Committee. The PTA also assists with more focused fundraising efforts for these committees and for special field trips like Nature's Classroom.

Becoming a member of the PTA does not require a commitment to volunteer, but we hope you will. Many hands make light work, as they say, and our community will grow stronger with your involvement. We encourage parents and guardians from every student's family to join and participate!

At least four times per year, the PTA holds business meetings open to the entire Brown School Community. Traditionally, these meetings coincide with Parent-Teacher Conferences or other school events. At these meetings we share the Treasurer's Report, provide information about upcoming events and fundraisers, and try to answer any questions or concerns brought by those in attendance. Meeting minutes are posted on the PTA bulletin board and here. We also have post to Facebook.

We love new ideas and feedback. Contact us anytime via email or look for us in the school yard before or after school. We look forward to meeting you and to working with you to give our children the best school experience possible.

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